Age of Rebellion

Mission Log 1.2 - Asami Sunstrider

We stole a shuttle!

After securing the garage, Fenn and I attempted to sneak into the control room in officer gear. Our stolen codes worked and we were granted access to the room, but not without some Stormtroopers in toe. From there, things started to get more tense and more bad. I was able to talk our way through much of it, until Epi chimed in on the com. Fenn and I got searched and my Jedha force staff was taken. 

Just when I thought things were about to get worse and the Commander was about to uncover us as Rebels, the lights went out. Thank you Epi! And then a speeder crashes into the room. THANK YOU EPI. In the confusion, I'm able to shoot down the two troopers and we make it to the garage again. 

I'm able to help Tuck get the shuttle away and pick us up in the clearing in front of the garage. Epi attempts to take the battle droid onto the shuttle but troopers arrive and blast the droid and almost Epi. In the skirmish, the fuel tanks are destroyed and the blast almost kills Epi but thankfully he makes it onto the shuttle. 

We get away in this Lambda-class shuttle (it's one of the nicest things the Empire has made, I must admit!). I break through the atmosphere and see the wonderful splash of starlight fill my eyes. I think we've made it! Until… the klaxon of approaching ships pulses from the radar. Tie fighters… Crap. 


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