Age of Rebellion

It was all me.

So, here I am in med bay. The mission was a rousing success! It was almost entirely thanks to me. Yes, Epipheiran, the miraculous scientist, won the day. Well, it was mostly me.


I would have definitely died if it weren't for the others. But they would have died without me! That means I was triumphant.


Ow ow, that hurts. Who knew fucking Bacta would hurt on burn scars?


“Don't spend so much planning,” they said. “The AT/ST is too big to be useful,” they said. WELL GUESS WHAT? We used almost all of the parts of my plan! Just, not in the same order. But we all know that theory is 90% of the battle, right? The 10% that is implementation is barely worth talking about.




Tuck just drew a penis on my forehead. I can't erase it because my arms are all bound up. The fucker even bribed the orderly Droid to not remove it for me.


At least I have this fantastic scar on my back. Aw yeah, I'm a bad boy.


PS: Slicers are assholes. Why did I help that guy?


Inanimatecarbon dafelsheim

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