Age of Rebellion

Project Stardust

Fenn's Report #2

Fenn collapses into one of the vacant seats on the transport and sighs deeply. He pulls the data core from his pocket and turns it over in his hands a few times. He sighs again, his fur shimmering ever so slightly but is imperceptible to his companions. 

"Alderaan destroyed? That can't be right. Can a whole planet really just be gone?" Fenn is pulled from his thoughts as the shuttle's guns burst to life and laser fire strikes the mountain base. The mountain gives way and rocks tumble downward, blocking a good portion of the garage. "At least the walkers won't be able to follow," Fenn muses to himself as a small smile creeps across his face. 

He looks back to the object in his hands and the smile quickly fades. "I was able to confirm that this is the data core we were looking for. I didn't have a chance to check out the contents yet, but I did intercept a communication right before we left the facility. Project Stardust is-" Fenn is cut off by the beeping of the shuttle's warning system alerting the crew to the four incoming tie fighters. "Kriff."


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