Age of Rebellion

Mission Log 1.1 - Asami Sunstrider

Dear Diary: I piloted an AT-ST

Our entry point was the compound garage. Fenn and Epipheiran attempt to lock down the doors immediately while Tuck and I provide cover. The door control is successful, but gathers Imperial attention. I crack into the one AT-ST and pilot the guns. My idea is to get them to surrender when they come in on us. That plan is a bad plan. 

We incapacitate several officers who come to inspect the doors (mostly, Tuck used lethal force on one). While Fenn and Epipheiran continue work the doors and access the maps to locate the codes, we steal the officer uniforms. I don't like how I look in this uniform. :( 

Stormtroopers come, I convince them we are officers, but Tuck gives away his position and is almost killed. I take a Stormtrooper down with my pike but he slices me up a little with a vibroknife (which is mine now ha). Fenn also gets blasted. We get into the other AT-ST after Epipheiran picks the lock and I begin to pilot, but this rusty junk barely functions. I try to turn the cockpit for a shot but no good. We blast the remaining trooper with rifle before he can call us in. . 

We are all pretty hurt and time may be running out. But we will press on and get what we need from these Imperials. Get bent, Empire. 


Inanimatecarbon bradleybugman_1

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