Age of Rebellion

Mission Log 1.2 - Asami Sunstrider
We stole a shuttle!

After securing the garage, Fenn and I attempted to sneak into the control room in officer gear. Our stolen codes worked and we were granted access to the room, but not without some Stormtroopers in toe. From there, things started to get more tense and more bad. I was able to talk our way through much of it, until Epi chimed in on the com. Fenn and I got searched and my Jedha force staff was taken. 

Just when I thought things were about to get worse and the Commander was about to uncover us as Rebels, the lights went out. Thank you Epi! And then a speeder crashes into the room. THANK YOU EPI. In the confusion, I'm able to shoot down the two troopers and we make it to the garage again. 

I'm able to help Tuck get the shuttle away and pick us up in the clearing in front of the garage. Epi attempts to take the battle droid onto the shuttle but troopers arrive and blast the droid and almost Epi. In the skirmish, the fuel tanks are destroyed and the blast almost kills Epi but thankfully he makes it onto the shuttle. 

We get away in this Lambda-class shuttle (it's one of the nicest things the Empire has made, I must admit!). I break through the atmosphere and see the wonderful splash of starlight fill my eyes. I think we've made it! Until… the klaxon of approaching ships pulses from the radar. Tie fighters… Crap. 

It was all me.

So, here I am in med bay. The mission was a rousing success! It was almost entirely thanks to me. Yes, Epipheiran, the miraculous scientist, won the day. Well, it was mostly me.


I would have definitely died if it weren't for the others. But they would have died without me! That means I was triumphant.


Ow ow, that hurts. Who knew fucking Bacta would hurt on burn scars?


“Don't spend so much planning,” they said. “The AT/ST is too big to be useful,” they said. WELL GUESS WHAT? We used almost all of the parts of my plan! Just, not in the same order. But we all know that theory is 90% of the battle, right? The 10% that is implementation is barely worth talking about.




Tuck just drew a penis on my forehead. I can't erase it because my arms are all bound up. The fucker even bribed the orderly Droid to not remove it for me.


At least I have this fantastic scar on my back. Aw yeah, I'm a bad boy.


PS: Slicers are assholes. Why did I help that guy?

Back in the field
Sweet, sweet recompense

The start of this mission was extremely disappointing. I joined the Resistance to end the tyranny of the Imperial army and I helped train new recruits so they could hit something (unlike those worthless Stormtroopers). Once high command came to me about this mission, I couldn't wait to sign on. I get to infiltrate an outpost to steal some crucial data plans. This is the perfect opportunity to leave no survivors as retribution for the crimes they have committed. As the old saying goes in a long time in the future in a galaxy far, far away…dead men tell no tales.

As we entered the hanger, I quickly scaled a chicken walker to provide overwatch for the team. It was perfect. An unsuspecting Imperial bastard just happened "to walk into" my blaster bolt. Merked that squishy sack of Bantha shit. However, the rest of the team scolded me for killing him. Apparently, my blaster has a stun setting. Who would have known?

Well, that threw me off and I shanked a couple of shots. One instance was a little unfortunate since three Stormtroopers shot me when I missed. Fucking stun setting. It's cool though. We knocked them all out and I took one's armor. It'll be easier to get the jump on these assholes if I look like them.

After we secured the maintenance bay, I was going to walk around to all of the stunned Imperial douchebags and put two in their chests. However…that was apparently too fucked up according to the rest of the team…pussies. Whatever, I won't rock the boat that much. There will be plenty of opportunities to get my redemption.

Later, I was standing sentry outside the maintenance bay while Jan and Fenn went to grab the data from the control room down the hall. While waiting, two Army Sentries thought it was a good idea to ask me why I was standing guard. Well, I've never been much of a bullshitter, so I led them inside the maintenance bay. Dumbasses never saw it coming. I put one in each of their backs the instant the door closed behind me. I let their dead bodies just tumble to the bottom of the stairs; I gave Epiph a thumbs up and walked back out the door. I think he shit himself. I hoped that everything was going well with Jan and Fenn in the control room. It turns out that they suck at their job, because that's when shit really hit the fan. I've never been happier. Once I saw a Stormtrooper run out and call for a lockdown, I set my ass into high gear. I ran down the hall and intercepted him in the barracks. He asked me where the Sergeant was and I took him to the bathroom; you know, his office. I then killed him and stuffed his dead body in the shitter.

Just then, the lights went out. Great. There I am, in the shitter, with another dude. Thankfully, no one was around to see, so I got out of there pretty quick. Also, this helmet is bad ass. I can see in the dark. While the lights were out, I thought about breaking into the armory; however, the mission was to steal the data and escape. So, against my true desires, I headed towards the hanger. As I approached in the dark, four Army Sentries were fumbling in the dark. I started to reach for my vibroknife and thought against it. I may be good, but take down four in close quarters with only a knife? I'm not that good. Just then, one turned on his flashlight and then noticed I was there. I bullshitted some story about how I was sent there to prepare the hanger for evacuation. Some how these idiots believed me and opened the blast doors. I used this opportunity to send two to start up the ship and two to guard the door. It'll be easier to take them out in two groups rather than one.

Just then, something came crashing out of the air vents. Sure as shit, it was a Lieutenant. This asshole thinks I'm an actual Stormtrooper and tells me that there are intruders in the base. Well, no shit Sherlock. I tell him that my primary duties are to ensure the data is secured. This schmuck even tells me he has it on him. I thought about killing him right then and there; although, I had a better idea. Why not get him to kill these Sentries for me? I tell him that the two at the gate were shifty and ask if he wants to take them out. Disappointingly, he says to leave them. Well, there are another two, so I let him know about them. He said he would take care of them and immediately stormed off to the shuttle. Just then, I heard two blaster shots…so did the other Sentries. Then came rushing over to see what happened. I told them I thought the Lieutenant shot those in the shuttle and we should go check it out. Of course, those shifty bastards don't trust me, so I had to go first. Good thing I know what's coming. As I step on the top of the ramp, I move to the side to give the Lieutenant a clear shot. He takes out one and I smelled the pungent odor of the second dropping a steaming load as he falls to the ground crying. I put that little bitch out of his misery.

Perfect, that worked as well as I hoped…well, except when the Lieutenant tried to kill me. I can't actually blame him. Even though he only winged me, it still hurt like a bitch. As he took cover, I put a shot right through the center of the seat and through his chest. Unfortunately, it was a little too good of a shot and it also destroyed part of the console. I hoped it wasn't important, but apparently you need shields for ships. Well, fuck a duck.

My luck didn't stop there. Even though I had the perfect setting for that seat, I couldn't get the damn thing to take off. Eventually I was able to get it moving and went to pick up the rest of the team in the maintenance bay. I feel like they spent the entire mission in that damn room. As I'm picking them up, Epiph tries attaching that downed Battle Droid to a speeder with duct tape. Yeah…that'll work. I thought about leaving his ass for almost blowing the mission. Once he realized it was a stupid idea and almost died from the Stormtrooper by the door, the crazy bastard used a speeder bike as a fucking torpedo and let it loose into some fuel tanks. I owe that man a drink. It was bad ass. We high tailed it out of there with all objectives met. We stole a ship, acquired the data tapes, and I had some epic kills. I say it was a pretty successful Wednesday. Time to sit back and relax until we get back to base.

Project Stardust
Fenn's Report #2

Fenn collapses into one of the vacant seats on the transport and sighs deeply. He pulls the data core from his pocket and turns it over in his hands a few times. He sighs again, his fur shimmering ever so slightly but is imperceptible to his companions. 

"Alderaan destroyed? That can't be right. Can a whole planet really just be gone?" Fenn is pulled from his thoughts as the shuttle's guns burst to life and laser fire strikes the mountain base. The mountain gives way and rocks tumble downward, blocking a good portion of the garage. "At least the walkers won't be able to follow," Fenn muses to himself as a small smile creeps across his face. 

He looks back to the object in his hands and the smile quickly fades. "I was able to confirm that this is the data core we were looking for. I didn't have a chance to check out the contents yet, but I did intercept a communication right before we left the facility. Project Stardust is-" Fenn is cut off by the beeping of the shuttle's warning system alerting the crew to the four incoming tie fighters. "Kriff."

Mission Log 1.1 - Asami Sunstrider
Dear Diary: I piloted an AT-ST

Our entry point was the compound garage. Fenn and Epipheiran attempt to lock down the doors immediately while Tuck and I provide cover. The door control is successful, but gathers Imperial attention. I crack into the one AT-ST and pilot the guns. My idea is to get them to surrender when they come in on us. That plan is a bad plan. 

We incapacitate several officers who come to inspect the doors (mostly, Tuck used lethal force on one). While Fenn and Epipheiran continue work the doors and access the maps to locate the codes, we steal the officer uniforms. I don't like how I look in this uniform. :( 

Stormtroopers come, I convince them we are officers, but Tuck gives away his position and is almost killed. I take a Stormtrooper down with my pike but he slices me up a little with a vibroknife (which is mine now ha). Fenn also gets blasted. We get into the other AT-ST after Epipheiran picks the lock and I begin to pilot, but this rusty junk barely functions. I try to turn the cockpit for a shot but no good. We blast the remaining trooper with rifle before he can call us in. . 

We are all pretty hurt and time may be running out. But we will press on and get what we need from these Imperials. Get bent, Empire. 

Recording for Command
Report #1

In the silence after the combat comes to a close, Fenn falls from the cockpit of the AT-ST, lands in a heap against one of the legs and goes into a coughing fit. Being very aware of the droid still in the room and the rest of the troopers that are likely on their way, Fenn buries his face in his arm in an attempt to dampen the sound of his cough.

Fenn reaches out with his other hand and double taps the communicator on that wrist starting an audio recording as he brings it up to his mouth. "We managed to sever the link, but we got into a fire fight in the garage. The sniper and I are in pretty bad shape, but we know where we need to go to retrieve the data."

The Bothan pauses for a second as he winces in pain, the arm with the communicator on it falling into his lap.  After a moment, he grits his teeth and summons the strength to lift his arm back to his mouth and continue.

"We're going to push through to the control room and try to get that data out of here, but with two of us severely injured and a limited supply of bacta, there's a good chance we're not all making it out of here today." Fenn is interrupted by another coughing fit. He again covers his mouth, this time with the arm he's been holding up to make his recording. As his coughing subsides, he pulls his arm away and again double taps the communicator to end the recording and notices a small spattering of blood on his sleeve where he had just covered his cough. He's in worse shape than he thought, but he came here with a mission to do and he's not quite dead yet.

Episode 0

Episode 0


    The heroes begin assembled in the briefing room on Yavin 4 awaiting their commanding officer, but really will be briefed by the head of Rebel Intelligence on Yavin.

    It's been about 15 minutes since you go word you were to assemble in the briefing room by your commanding officer. It's given you a moment to reflect on how you got to be here.

    Most of the people here on Yavin 4 have been fighting the Empire a long time. Some have been fighting for nearly 20 years. You're still pretty new to the Alliance, only having been swept up in the evacuation from Dantooine.

    The briefing room iss the typical dark of all the rooms in these Massassi temples; a lone bright light illuminates the front of the room, the wall adorned with info screens.

    The door suddenly swooshes open and in strides a human man you recognize as General Davits Draven. You hadn't expected to receive a briefing from the Deputy Chief of Rebel Intelligence.

    The grizzled spy launches into the briefing without waiting for your acknowledgement:

    "Ten standard days ago, Rebel SigInt detected a sharp increase in Imperial chatter concerning something the Imps are calling Project Stardust. The analysts think the communications are manifests for men and materiel being transported to the Abrion sector in the outer rim. The Imps are using high security codes that the Bothans haven't cracked yet, so we can't be too sure of the content of the messages.

    A disproportionate number of these messages were routed through a single comm relay station on the planet Onderon, in the Japrael sector."

    The general brings up the image of a verdant jungle world on the center viewscreen.

    "Onderon is the home to a small Imperial garrison. The comm relay station, codename: Whisper, is located a few kilometers from the main garrison, codename: Shout.

    Recon tells us that the two facilities are connected by a single hardwire data umbilical running through the jungle. Whisper is accessible through a garage and landing pad.

    We've arranged to have you dropped into the jungles a few kilometers from Whisper. Cut the umbilical to sever the connection between the facilities. Onderon has little strategic value, so the garissons won't be expecting an attack, and will open the garage to send out teams to repair the wire.

    Your primary mission is to infiltrate Whisper, and get the unencrypted communications data. Seize anything you can find about Project Stardust. Alliance resources are stretched thin, so there will be no rendezvous for pickup; you'll need to figure out a way to get off planet and get the intelligence back to us.

    If the Imperial fleet is building up to strike the Alliance, we need to know.

    Drop shuttle leaves in one hour. May the Force be with you."

    The general leaves without waiting for questions. To his mind the briefing is clear: This is the mission, get it done. He leaves the mission plans on the screen for you to study before you ship out. 

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