Age of Rebellion

Episode 0

Episode 0


    The heroes begin assembled in the briefing room on Yavin 4 awaiting their commanding officer, but really will be briefed by the head of Rebel Intelligence on Yavin.

    It's been about 15 minutes since you go word you were to assemble in the briefing room by your commanding officer. It's given you a moment to reflect on how you got to be here.

    Most of the people here on Yavin 4 have been fighting the Empire a long time. Some have been fighting for nearly 20 years. You're still pretty new to the Alliance, only having been swept up in the evacuation from Dantooine.

    The briefing room iss the typical dark of all the rooms in these Massassi temples; a lone bright light illuminates the front of the room, the wall adorned with info screens.

    The door suddenly swooshes open and in strides a human man you recognize as General Davits Draven. You hadn't expected to receive a briefing from the Deputy Chief of Rebel Intelligence.

    The grizzled spy launches into the briefing without waiting for your acknowledgement:

    "Ten standard days ago, Rebel SigInt detected a sharp increase in Imperial chatter concerning something the Imps are calling Project Stardust. The analysts think the communications are manifests for men and materiel being transported to the Abrion sector in the outer rim. The Imps are using high security codes that the Bothans haven't cracked yet, so we can't be too sure of the content of the messages.

    A disproportionate number of these messages were routed through a single comm relay station on the planet Onderon, in the Japrael sector."

    The general brings up the image of a verdant jungle world on the center viewscreen.

    "Onderon is the home to a small Imperial garrison. The comm relay station, codename: Whisper, is located a few kilometers from the main garrison, codename: Shout.

    Recon tells us that the two facilities are connected by a single hardwire data umbilical running through the jungle. Whisper is accessible through a garage and landing pad.

    We've arranged to have you dropped into the jungles a few kilometers from Whisper. Cut the umbilical to sever the connection between the facilities. Onderon has little strategic value, so the garissons won't be expecting an attack, and will open the garage to send out teams to repair the wire.

    Your primary mission is to infiltrate Whisper, and get the unencrypted communications data. Seize anything you can find about Project Stardust. Alliance resources are stretched thin, so there will be no rendezvous for pickup; you'll need to figure out a way to get off planet and get the intelligence back to us.

    If the Imperial fleet is building up to strike the Alliance, we need to know.

    Drop shuttle leaves in one hour. May the Force be with you."

    The general leaves without waiting for questions. To his mind the briefing is clear: This is the mission, get it done. He leaves the mission plans on the screen for you to study before you ship out. 

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