Age of Rebellion

Recording for Command

Report #1

In the silence after the combat comes to a close, Fenn falls from the cockpit of the AT-ST, lands in a heap against one of the legs and goes into a coughing fit. Being very aware of the droid still in the room and the rest of the troopers that are likely on their way, Fenn buries his face in his arm in an attempt to dampen the sound of his cough.

Fenn reaches out with his other hand and double taps the communicator on that wrist starting an audio recording as he brings it up to his mouth. "We managed to sever the link, but we got into a fire fight in the garage. The sniper and I are in pretty bad shape, but we know where we need to go to retrieve the data."

The Bothan pauses for a second as he winces in pain, the arm with the communicator on it falling into his lap.  After a moment, he grits his teeth and summons the strength to lift his arm back to his mouth and continue.

"We're going to push through to the control room and try to get that data out of here, but with two of us severely injured and a limited supply of bacta, there's a good chance we're not all making it out of here today." Fenn is interrupted by another coughing fit. He again covers his mouth, this time with the arm he's been holding up to make his recording. As his coughing subsides, he pulls his arm away and again double taps the communicator to end the recording and notices a small spattering of blood on his sleeve where he had just covered his cough. He's in worse shape than he thought, but he came here with a mission to do and he's not quite dead yet.


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